Code of Conduct


·          Students must reach the school by 8:15 in the morning.

·          No student will be allowed to enter the school after 8:15 a.m.

·          They should exchange greetings with their teachers when they meet.



·     Assembly is a must for students.

·     Students must join the assembly as soon as the bell rings.

·     They must stand in their prescribed line maintaining hand long distance from each other.

·     National anthem must be sung together in clear and loud voice.

·     They must maintain their line and respond to the commands during the assembly or drill.

·     They must maintain straight lines while going back to classes.

·     In case of any indiscipline in the assembly, students have to stand in a separate line for detention.



·      Students must be seated and low voiced in the classroom.

·      They must be ready for the class with their copies, books and diaries at the left corner of their desk.

·      They must stand together to greet the teachers when a teacher enters or leaves a classroom.

·      Attentive listening to the teacher’s lectures and the peers talk is expected.

Peers must not interrupt while  one student is on talk.

·      Students will keep their HW/ CW copies open on their desk for monitors to collect and

 submit to the concerned teacher. They must bring parent’s signature in their previous

assessment marks.

·      Eating/ chewing anything during class time is prohibited.



·       Students should walk by their left sides along all corridors and pathways in the school campus.

·       Using Bengali in school premises is strictly prohibited.

·       Students found bullying, threatening or using slang/abusive words will face severe action.

·       They mustn’t gather, run or roam around the class corridors.

·       Corridors cannot be used for study, chatting or any project work activities.

·       While walking in the corridor student must avoid making noises.

·       More than two students cannot walk in the corridor side by side.


·       Must wear ID card and name tag.

·       Uniform must be neat, tidy and properly made with the provided sample of the school.

·       Dupatta (cross belt) must be carefully and properly worn.

·       Hair must be tied tightly with white or black regular band and clips.

·       Two or one plate or only one pony tail is allowed.

·       Must not use hair colour.

·       Nails must be trimmed every week.

·       Must not have any eye-makeup, nail polish, mehedi or any hand decoration.

·       No jewelleries (nose pin, ear rings, finger rings, anklets, bangles, wrist band,

bracelet, fancy clips or contact lenses) are allowed.



·       Must wear ID card and name tag.

·       Uniform must be neat, tidy and properly made with the provided sample of the school.

·       Boys must wear trousers at the naval level and must use waist belt.

·       Shirt must be tucked in well. No sagging will be tolerated.

·       Black Oxford shoes (sample provided) must be worn.

·       White keds must be worn on the having ‘games-class’.

·       Hair must be trimmed short (preferably 1.5 inches long). Pigtail, pea-cock crown or

use of hair gel is prohibited.

·       Coloured contact lenses, stylish watch, wrist bands or jewelleries are not allowed.

·       Carrying body spray or perfumes in the school is not allowed.

Dear parents,

It is our pleasure to inform you that SEMS has taken some important initiatives  to uphold

its gradually increasing fame. In this regard, school has decided to  enclose the code of

conduct and other necessary information with the diary  so that it would be well practiced.

Besides, school will keep the records of word’s disciplinary and academic activities from

now onward. Any kind of  disobedience or negligence to those rules will be considered as

breach of agreement and in that case student may have to go through any decision

or action taken by the school authority. Let us work together to carry out our long cherished

dream and produce a brilliant nation.




· Parents, willing to meet the teachers, may come on Thursday after school.

· No student is allowed to leave the school premises (during school hour)

without the permission of the Principal. The required gate pass must be collected

from the school office.

· Students, going home without any guardians, must submit a permission slip

from their parents to the office.

· Students are not allowed to carry more than Tk 100.

· Parents are requested to check diary regularly and sign it at least once a week.

· Parents are requested not to send birthday cakes to school, but students

may treat his/her classmates with chocolates.

· Electronic gaming/entertaining devices including toys, CD, DVD, mobile phone,

wallet, camera, expensive pen is strictly forbidden in the school.

· Students may be detained after school to complete unfinished work or as corrective

 measures for any infringement of school rules.

· Detention classes may be applied for student’s misbehavior and incomplete C.W and  H.W.

· Parents are highly encouraged to talk about any problem in any subject or issue with

the concerned teacher first. If needed, they can talk to the Principal regarding any problem

if only they are not convinced with their meeting with the concerned teacher.

· Suspension, detention, cancellation of admission and permanent removal of a student

can be initiated at any time of a session depending on the degree of offense and the

decision of the disciplinary committee along with the Principal and other authority concerned.

· The school reserves the right to change, omit or add any rule anytime with notice.